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Proximity Beacon Advertising Marketing


Once you decide on the type of proximity marketing beacon along with the number of beacons needed for your advertising program, as well as the type of offer you want to promote, we get to work on programming your beacons for you.


Once your beacons are set up, your advertisement is added to your beacons they are ready to be deployed. They can be deployed at your location, in your service vehicle or carried with you as you travel. Now you are able to advertise and market your business wherever you go, to potential customers within range of your beacons.


Adscapz proximity beacons once deployed will have a reach of up to a maximum of 300 feet (depending on the beacons used). Customers will be alerted on their Smartphone that your offer is available for them to view.


Once within range of your beacons, your message will appear on their smartphone which they can then view as soon as it's received. They can then click and proceed to your offer page. Depending on the type of advertisement they are able to act upon it immediately and you have a new customer, both are winners!


Beacons Bring Business To You